Monday, October 26, 2020


Make tonight a family movie night!

We are now offering Grab N’ Go Movie Night Bags!

Each bag contains one movie, a pouch of microwavable popcorn and an activity packet! 
Call or stop by to see what Grab N’ Go Movie Night Bags we have available!
Check out a movie bag and enjoy a fun, family movie night!


Monday, October 19, 2020

1KB4K Achievement

Congratulations to Abigail C. for completing 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten!

Twenty children have completed the program since its launch in October 2014!

See how everyone stacks up so far:

10 children have reached

50 Books
7 children have reached
100 Books
3 children have reached 
150 Books
3 children have reached 
200 Books
1 child has reached 
250 Books
3 children have reached 
300 Books
4 children have reached 
350 Books
3 children have reached
400 Books
1 child has reached
450 Books
3 children have reached
500 Books
4 children have reached
550 Books
2 children have reached 
600 Books
1 child has reached
750 Books
and 20 children have completed 1,000 Books!

Keep up the good work!

Check out our 1KB4K Wall of Achievement to see pictures of all children who complete the program.

Thursday, August 20, 2020


Thank you to all who participated in our Children's Summer Reading Challenge!
Check out these impressive numbers:
minutes read
Summer Reading Challenge completions
Reading Badges earned
Children who participated earned raffle tickets for hours spent reading, attending programs, and taking photos of projects and fun places to read!
Check out some of their submissions below.
Sophie's Squash Go to School by Pat Zietlow Miller
I really liked this book. Sophie brought her squash friends Baxter and Bonnie to school. Steven Green gave Sophie his frog and seeds. That was nice.😃
Hamster-Saurus Rex by Tom O'Donnell
A cute little fuzzball turns into a ferocious little fuzzball. This was awesome!
Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss
I like Green Eggs and Ham because the book teaches you how to try new foods. 😎
Snappsy the Alligator by Julie Falatko
I like this book because it is very silly. One of the most funny parts of this book is when Bert asked if Snappsy wanted to have hats made out of pizza.😀
This is my favorite book bc there is a picture of an apple in it!


Wednesday, August 28, 2019

SRC Raffle Winners

Congratulations to our Raffle Basket Winners!

Jacob H., Skylar J. and Michelle R. were all winners of our big Summer Reading Club raffle baskets!

Congratulations to all of our other raffle winners!
All of our raffle winners were pulled from Summer Reading Club participants.

Ayesha R.
Quinn G.
Louden G.
Colton W.
Graham M.
Jameson H.
Harrison T.
Lillian T.
Lilianna P.
Emma R.
Oliver A.
Layna M.
Brendan P.
Leana B.
Charlotte J.
Calder P.
Cameron C.
Savannah E.
Cate L.
Ava C.
Grady E.
Jhanvi P.
Zander C.
Matthew W.
Noah M.
Iris H.
Ben F.
Jackson G.
Dean R.
Nathaniel B.
Luke T.
Joseph C.
Shealynn S.
Krish P.
Olivia B.
Genevieve J.

We hope you're excited for next year!

Monday, July 22, 2019

It's Shark Week at the Library!

We can help protect sharks and their environment.
Cast your vote at the library today!

Hammerhead Shark 
Whale Shark
Great White Shark 
Leopard Shark

Kid’s Shark Week Websites:

National Geographic Kids:  Watch a shark episode of “Things You Wanna Know”
Smithsonian: Ocean-Find Your Blue
NatGeoKids: Ten Facts About Great White Sharks
Shark Research Institute: How Can Kids Make a Difference?
Additional Websites:
These websites are geared for adults but contain information that you may want to share with your children about sharks.
Shark Savers and Wild Aid
World Wildlife Fund

Looking for books about sharks?  Stop by the library and ask one of the Children's Librarians!

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Affordable Things To Do On Long Island 2019

Looking for fun activities to do this summer?
Check out this list of affordable things to do on Long Island this summer, compiled by the Children's Librarians Association of Suffolk County.

Do you know about any other great Long Island summer activities not listed here?  Share them with us by emailing  subject: LI Summer Activites.  Thanks!

Also be sure to check out our full list of museum passes and reserve yours today!

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

New Graphic Novel Alerts

Place your holds today!

Guts by Raina Telgemeier
September 17, 2019

Raina wakes up one night with a terrible upset stomach. Her mom has one, too, so it's probably just a bug. Raina eventually returns to school, where she's dealing with the usual highs and lows: friends, not-friends, and classmates who think the school year is just one long gross-out session. It soon becomes clear that Raina's tummy trouble isn't going away... and it coincides with her worries about food, school, and changing friendships. What's going on?

Raina Telgemeier once again brings us a thoughtful, charming, and funny true story about growing up and gathering the courage to face -- and conquer -- her fears.

Dog Man For Whom the Ball Rolls by Dav Pilkey
August 13, 2019

The Supa Buddies have been working hard to help Dog Man overcome his bad habits. But when his obsessions turn to fears, Dog Man finds himself the target of an all-new supervillain! Meanwhile, Petey the Cat has been released from jail and starts a new life with Li'l Petey. But when Petey's own father arrives, Petey must face his past to understand the difference between being good and doing good.

Dav Pilkey's wildly popular Dog Man series appeals to readers of all ages and explores universally positive themes, including empathy, kindness, persistence, and the importance of being true to one's self.

Big Nate Hug It Out! by Lincoln Peirce 
September 3, 2019

Sixth grade is no picnic for Nate Wright. His pal Francis won’t stop bombarding him with useless trivia. A wild pitch knocks him out of a ballgame and into the emergency room. And the only thing standing between Nate and summer school is a study session with the worst possible tutor: his too-obnoxious-for-words arch enemy, Gina. But a chance encounter on an amusement park ride could change everything. Meanwhile, the troubles are piling up in this hilarious new collection of Big Nate comics, and there may be only one thing for Nate to do: HUG IT OUT!
In this brand-new collection of comics from the New York Times bestselling series Big Nate, everyone's favorite sixth-grade prankster is back for more hilarious misadventures — and even a little romance!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Flag Day

June 14 is Flag Day!

This day commemorates the adoption of the Stars and Stripes as the official flag of the United States.
Check out these books today to learn more!

Flag Day by Robert Walker   J 394.263 WALKER
Flag Day by Leslie C. Kaplan   J 394.263 KAPLAN
The Pledge of Allegiance by Amanda Doering Tourville   J 323.6 TOURVILLE
Fireworks, Picnics, and Flags by James Cross Giblin   J 394.2 GIB