Friday, July 24, 2015

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

This is just a reminder for all our soon-to-be

Fill out those reading logs and bring them in before the school year starts in order to complete the 
1,000 Books Before Kindergarten 

Last year we officially launched our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program.  We just want to remind you that this program is ongoing throughout the year and you may sign up for it at any time.  Additionally, if you have already signed up, don't forget to bring in your reading logs.  Every time you complete a reading log you get a prize!

See how everyone stacks up:

7 children have reached 
50 Books!
5 children have reached 
100 Books!
1 child has reached 
150 Books!
2 children have reached 
200 Books!
2 children have reached 
300 Books!
1 child has reached
350 Books!
and 1 child has completed 550 Books!

Keep up the good work!

Recommended books are marked with a special sticker, but you can read any book you want!  Just be sure to mark it down and bring in your log so you can get your prize!  Check out the display in the front window of the Children's Department at the library to browse through our selection of books.

If you do not know what 1000 Books Before Kindergarten is, keep reading to find out how the program works!

What is 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten?

It is a free reading program that promotes early literacy.  The concept is simple. Read a book (any book) to your newborn, infant, or toddler and keep track of how many you read. The goal is simply to have read 1,000 books before your child starts kindergarten.

Is it possible to read 1,000 books that quickly?

Absolutely! If you read just 1 book a night, you will have read about 365 books in a year. That is 730 books in two years and 1,095 books in three years. If you consider that most children start kindergarten at around 5 years of age, you have more time than you think!

The library will facilitate the program by helping you to keep track of how many books you have read and by handing out prizes as you reach different milestones in the program.

Why should I participate?

Good question!  Early literacy is an important part of your child’s early education.  Reading together each day will help them to prepare for kindergarten and the educational demands they must eventually meet.  

Monday, July 20, 2015


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Saturday, July 18, 2015

June Programs

Check out all of these photographs from programs in June! We had a lot going on!

Stepping Ahead for Fun

Click here to see more photos!
See more programs for School Age kids here!

Fairy Party

Click here to see more photos!
See more programs for School Age kids here!

Suffolk County Farm

Click here to see more photos!
See more programs for School Age kids here!

Kite Building

Click here to see more photos!
See more programs for School Age kids here!

**Please notify us immediately if there is a photograph of your child that you do not want posted online.  We will remove it.

Monday, July 13, 2015


The Children's Department now has a selection of Launchpads available to be checked out!  They can be found on shelving above our Children's CDs across from the courtyard doors.

What are Launchpads?
Launchpads are tablets for children that are pre-loaded with education apps for interactive learning and play.

The Launchpads are grouped by age, grade level, subject area and theme.  Some subject areas include English language arts, math, science, language learning, critical thinking and creativity.  Themed learning packs include princesses, animals, transportation, dinosaurs, space and more.  

Ages 3-5, 5-7, 8-10, and 10+

*The Lauchpads are secure and do not have internet access, ensuring the child has no exposure to unintended content.

Stop by the Children's Reference desk and speak to a librarian if you have any questions or would like to try one out!

Launchpad device layout

Powering On/Off

To turn on, hold down power button for 3 seconds (located on the right hand side)
To put in standby mode, press power button one time briefly. This will help preserve your battery power.
To turn off, hold down power button for 3 seconds.

Navigating Launchpad

apps icon App menu screen
avatar icon Customize your avatar by redeeming discovery points
parent icon Visit informational console to view “Play Analytics”
Use the Android navigation bar to exit apps or return to home page. To make Android navigation bar appear, touch bottom of screen.
return button icon Exit current screen or “go back”
home button icon Return to home page (Reset or continue as current user)


Not turning on?
Your Launchpad needs a power boost. Charge for five minutes using the provided power cord.
Need more help?
Please contact or 877.893.0808


Friday, July 10, 2015

News From the Children's Room

The Children's Department now has a selection of Launchpads, tablets for children pre-loaded with educational apps for interactive learning and play.  These tablets are available to be checked out and taken home.
Stop by or call our the Reference desk with any questions!

Tickets for Sale & Museum Passes
Planning a trip to see some animals or sea life?  The library will be selling discounted tickets to:
Long Island Aquarium ($10 per person)
Bronx Zoo ($15 per person)
Long Island Game Farm ($5 per person)


check out one of our Museum Passes!
The library currently has 5 museum passes available to be checked out.  These passes provide free admission!  Find out more about them under our Resources tab, above.

Pet Parade
Thursday, August 13 at 11:00am
Bring your pet and meet your friends in front of the library for our annual Pet Parade!  Sign up at the Reference desk today!

Butterfly Garden
During the months of May and June, the Children's Department had caterpillars!  We all watched as they went through the different phases of metamorphosis to become beautiful butterflies.  During a program on June 8, children helped to plant a Butterfly Garden on the south side of the building (by the vegetable gardens) and released the newly hatched butterflies in it.  Be sure to stop by and check it out!
See photos of the different butterfly stages here, here and here.
Summer Reading Club: Every Hero Has a Story!
Children from 12 months through the 5th grade
The public library cares about your children and has planned programs to keep them reading and learning all summer long!  This summer's reading club theme, "Every Hero Has a Story!" will celebrate heroes in history, heroes in our community and heroes with superhuman powers.  Every child has the potential to become a hero and make a difference in the world.  This summer join the summer reading club and discover the superhero inside yourself.
Registration began on Wednesday, July 1st.  The Summer Reading Club Carnival will be on August 10th at 10:00am.
For more information, call 631-363-6133.

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten
Ages 0-5
We would like to invite you to participate in this free program which encourages you to read 1,000 books with your child before he or she starts kindergarten. Simply read a book to your newborn, infant, and/or toddler and record it. If you read just one book a night, you will have read about 365 books in a year. At that rate you can read over 1,000 books in just three years! The key is perseverance! The concept is simple and the rewards are priceless.
The library will facilitate this program by helping you to keep track of milestones and handing out fun prizes as you read more books!
For more information, call 631-363-6133.

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