Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Meditation for Kids

Want to help your kids?

Check out our new books on meditation for children in the Parenting Collection today:

Moody Cow Meditates by Kerry Lee MacLean

Friday, February 2, 2018

Staff Picks


Ms. Sue's favorite new picture books:

There’s a Monster in Your Book 
Tom Fletcher
Picture Book
Ages 3-7
A great read-aloud story for anyone who loves monsters! Families will have fun following the author’s instructions, such as, tilt the book, as they read the story at bedtime. Check to see if there are any monsters hiding under your bed afterward!

Penguins Love Their abc’s
Sarah Aspinall
Picture Book
Ages 3-5
No surprise that one of my new favorite books is about penguins! Follow the adventures of six penguins as they play a game of alphabet hide and seek. Cute, eye-popping, illustrations.

Ms. Julie's Picks:

Carla’s Sandwich
Debbie Herman
Picture Book
Grades 1-4
Children and adults will enjoy reading about the funny and unbelievable food combinations that Carla brings to school for lunch despite what her classmates have to say. This is a book about celebrating individuality and learning how to keep our minds open to new experiences.

Tom Gates Everything’s Amazing (Sort of)
Liz Pichon
Chapter Book
Ages 9-12
Tom Gates Everything’s Amazing (Sort of) is the third book in Liz Pichon’s popular series from the UK. Excitement abounds for Tom as he starts a new fashion trend, prepares for the school disco, his band Dog zombies gets a gig, he finds creative new ways to bug is older sister, and he plans his first co-ed birthday party at Dino Village complete with Dino Van escort. Readers will enjoy Tom’s hilarious drawings and how they often put him in the hot seat.
For anyone who liked Diary or a Wimpy Kid, Dork Diaries, or just wants to find out what the work manky means!

Tom Gates Series has been translated into 42 languages and is the recipient of the:
★ 2013 Blue Peter Book Award for 'Best Story' 
★ Roald Dahl Funny Prize 
★ Waterstones Children's Book Award 
★ Red House Book Award

Check out the other titles we have in our collection in the Tom Gates series:
The Brilliant World of Tom Gates by Liz Pichon
Excellent Excuses and Other Good Stuff by Liz Pichon

Ms. Emma's Favorites:

Nidhi Chanani
Graphic Novel
Grades 4-6
After growing up in the United States, Priyanka begins to wonder why her mother left India, and who her father really is.  One day, she finds a mysterious pashmina hidden away in a suitcase.  When she wraps herself in it, she is transported to a bright and vivid place, India, emphasized by the author's switch from black and white illustrations to colorful artwork.  This makes her all the more determined to see India for herself, and this heartwarming story follows her as she explores the culture and learns more about her family and heritage.

The Key to Extraordinary
Natalie Lloyd
Chapter Book
Grades 3-6
This book goes by in a breeze!  A lively story with unique and interesting characters and locations at every turn, readers won't want to put this one down.  Follow Emma as she tries to figure out what her Destiny Dream means for her and her home she is trying to save from a land developer.  Is she meant to find a treasure that has been missing for centuries?  Along the way, meet the Pancake Club and the Daisy Brigade, explore the Wailing Woods and read entries from the Book of Days!
If you like this one, try: A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd

Check to see if any of these books are available by clicking on the title.  The link will take you directly to our catalog.  Or, call the Children's Department at 631-363-6133.