Level F

Title                                                                      Location

Duck and Goose Find A Pumpkin                       J BOARD BOOK HILLS

Just Like Daddy                                                   J E ASCH
A Dark, Dark Tale                                               J E BROWN
Dear Zoo                                                              J E CAMPBELL
Across the Stream                                                J E GINSBURG
Rosie’s Walk                                                        J E HUTCHINS
My Friend Rabbit                                                 J E ROHMANN

Bathtime for Biscuit                                             J ER CAPUCILLI
Biscuit Finds A Friend                                         J ER CAPUCILLI
Biscuit Visits the Big City                                    J ER CAPUCILLI
How Many Fish?                                                  J ER COHEN
It’s Halloween, Dear Dragon                               J ER HILLERT
Drop It, Rocket!                                                   J ER HILLS
Rocket’s 100th Day of School                              J ER HILLS
Look! I Can Read!                                               J ER HOOD
Big Brown Bear                                                   J ER MCPHAIL
Lots of Balloons                                                   J ER RAU
Loose Tooth                                                         J ER SCHAEFER
Hooray for Snail!                                                 J ER STADLER

Bread, Bread, Bread                                             J EASY 641.8 MORRIS
The Lady With the Alligator Purse                      J EASY 811 WESTCOTT
Bulldozers                                                            J EASY 629.225 WILLIAMS

Guided Science Readers                                       J ER GUIDEDREADING LEVEL E-F SET 1

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